Sunday, August 8, 2010

Action Research Reflections-Week 4

Having read my peers action research plans this week helped me better understand the process. Many of the plans I read were thought out extremely well. This leads me to believe that their creators really understand the process. I, on the other hand, am having struggles drawing out goals and methods of evaluating them.

One of my peers did comment on my action plan. She suggested that I be less general in my wording. I will be revisiting my plan and making revisions to it.

I think that action research is best learned when modeled. I find it a bit challenging to learn a process by myself. Furthermore, I think there will be challenges when I talk to my superiors about implementing the action research project at work simply because of the time and the people it will involve to make it happen.

Unfortunately, my site supervisor is not in an administrative position and because the technology team is extremely small and busy, this causes yet another challenge.

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  1. Alma,

    I know what you mean when it comes to learning a process all by yourself. Its really hard to know whether you are doing it correct or not. However, with research you really dont have that much of an option except trying to prove a point. I like this project only because it seems less complicated than your regular research where you are trying to prove a point. Here we have been given the opportunity to see how we can improve an aspect in our related field. I also am understanding with the challening of implementing the action plan due to time constraints. I listed time as a challenge because it is the beginning of the year and it is a very busy time. I liked your action plan because the further you get into your research the further it will be developed.