Sunday, August 29, 2010

EDLD 5363 Multimedia and Video Technology-Wk 1: Web Conference

Unfortunately, I was logged off from this week's web conference because I started tampering with updates to the AdobeConnect. The last words I heard Dr. Abernathy say (before I was logged off) was that she was not going to let anymore students log on. Once I was cut off, I went back to log in and the session was already closed. I was really frustrated.

Something that really annoys me is when students post personal exchanges that are not directly related to the course or the information that is being shared. Students should stay focused on what the instructor is sharing and not get distracted by superfluous posts.

EDLD 5363 Multimedia and Video Technology- Wk 1: Photo Story

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Action Research Reflections-Week 4

Having read my peers action research plans this week helped me better understand the process. Many of the plans I read were thought out extremely well. This leads me to believe that their creators really understand the process. I, on the other hand, am having struggles drawing out goals and methods of evaluating them.

One of my peers did comment on my action plan. She suggested that I be less general in my wording. I will be revisiting my plan and making revisions to it.

I think that action research is best learned when modeled. I find it a bit challenging to learn a process by myself. Furthermore, I think there will be challenges when I talk to my superiors about implementing the action research project at work simply because of the time and the people it will involve to make it happen.

Unfortunately, my site supervisor is not in an administrative position and because the technology team is extremely small and busy, this causes yet another challenge.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Action Research Action Plan-Week 3

Action Research - Week 3

My Study: In what ways can administrators best support educators in their development of online courses? What impediments or challenges do educators face in the development of online courses?

Context: Due to the prevailing budgetary challenges facing many school districts, district leaders are looking for creative ways for their teachers to advance professionally. One way is for teachers to take online classes. Online training allows the district to save in travel expenses and in hiring substitute teachers. Furthermore, online training is available 24/7. This offers teachers the flexibility of accessing the training anytime and anywhere.

Because the region center addresses the needs of our local districts, leadership is requesting our educators to develop the training they do in an online format.

Target Population: Region center educational specialists, full and part time staff

Sample Selection: Approximately 65-100 educators with diverse backgrounds and grade levels

Sample Size Rationale: The sample is made up of all of the educators on staff, full and part time. This group of educators is responsible for developing and delivering all of training to our participating districts. At this time, leadership is not considering hiring consultants to develop the training.

How I Will Conduct My Research: A committee and technology staff will work closely to design a questionnaire or survey that will help extract challenges, impediments, as well as ideas the educators have regarding the development of online training. Once the online questionnaire is designed, the technology staff will email it to all of the educators. For additional feedback, a focus group made up of educators and administrators will meet to share ideas on how to develop the online trainings. The data from the questionnaire, including the feedback from the focus group, will be aggregated by the technology staff and distributed to the administrators and educators. For additional information, the technology staff will interview those educators that are interested in further sharing their ideas.