Sunday, September 26, 2010

EDLD 5363 Multimedia and Video Technology - Week 5 - Analysis of the Video Production Process

Each member of the team had high expectations for the end product and took his/her responsibility seriously. Our video, “Be Careful What You Post Online,” was carefully guided from conception to post-production using the original storyboard and a carefully laid out plan for the video shoot. It was this detailed planning that assisted the team in filming strong, compositional footage.

Working as a team is challenging but working with a virtual team is even more. A team approach (if it’s a good team!) can infuse the project with fresh ideas and creative solutions. Our team had a good mix of people---and it helped that most knew each other personally!

From the onset, there was great coordination among us. Each member took on assignments they felt comfortable with. Sandy K. suggested the concept of the video and wrote the initial script. Further revisions were added to the script by Kim G. and myself. Brian P. offered his technical expertise during the video shoot and in the editing process. Suggestions on camera angles were done by me and revised on the set. For the graphics, Sandy K. suggested using Polaroid photo frames. I took her idea and produced the graphics. Kim G. directed the video shoot and offered her editing skills during post-production. Each team member matched his/her skills and experience to specific parts of the project. But, it was Sandy's tight coordination of the project that allowed ample time for post-production, which is a very time consuming process.

I work with creatives and let me confess that it is extremely difficult to let go of ideas. Working alone on a project sometimes can be easier in the sense that we have complete control of the outcome. Throughout this entire project, I had to let go and trust that the team members were going to pull through professionally--and they did!

Copyright as a whole was not an issue for us since the graphics were royalty-free stock photography and music was not used in the final product.

It was a great strategy taken Dr. Abernathy to make the project a team collaboration. I think that the video production would have been too much for one person to do alone within the allowed time. Working as a team allows for different points of views and fresh ideas. It also allows us to break the project down into manageable pieces. I think that the end product turned out to be much better than if I were to have done it alone.

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